Fight Colds the Natural Way - Kids Edition


This past week my kids and I were fighting another cold.  Hopefully the last one for this cold/flu season. I hate seeing my babies sick. 

It warmed my heart when my oldest asked for honey lemon tea. <3

So how do we fight colds naturally?

First we start with the Kids 0-9 homeopathic cold and flu medicine. Before my more natural ways, I used Kids Tylenol or Advil, and I find this just as effective. It will relieve a dry cough, congestion, mucus, and reduce pain and fever. It costs roughly $9, and can be found at most drug stores. 

Did you know that Baby and Children's Tylenol contains parabens to extend it's shelf life - a preservative that is linked to cancer. Just another reason to go natural!

The brand Kids 0-9 is safe for even infants. I gave it to my youngest at 5 weeks old and we are using it again now. The company also has a nighttime version of their cold/flu medicine - but we have yet to try it.
For my toddler, we cut out the dairy! It just increases congestion. We revert to water and teas. My youngest is nursing - so he gets the extra anti-bodies from my milk!

Since my oldest is over 2 years old, I also use Kalaya Breathe Easy Vaporub. I put it on the bottom of his feet at night, and then put socks on his feet. It really helps with nighttime coughing.                                                 

We also use a cool mist humidifier at night, I find this really helps to minimize coughing. 

For tea, we mix 1 Tbsp of honey (honey is not recommended for under the age of 1) with equal parts of fresh squeezed lemon, add hot water for a tea that will soothe a cough and loosen phlegm.

This is basically our plan of action to help our kids fight colds. Do you have any natural remedies that you swear by? I want to hear from you! Leave a comment down below.


*All opinions are my own, and these products were purchased by me.

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